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Clash Of Clans December 2020 Update is here

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Winter Update is Finally here –

On December 2020 Supercell finally pushed new update in Clash of Clans. This new update brings with new troops new defences and also new levels for the hero which is a massive update for COC gamers.

You can update by clicking this link if you missed it


  • Winter update of Clash of Clans in December 2020.
  • New troops, new buildings level, new level heroes.
  • New spells, super troops etc.

1.Winter update of COC

Another Big news for Clash of Clans gamers that they got a big update regarding new troops and many more, also new Siege Machine- Log Launcher. Supercell brings new updates with a new loading screen which feels freshness while opening the game, also the snowfall animations have been added in this game which reminds about the Christmas season.

COC loading screen

This update does not only come with new winter skin of hero of King and Queen but also in their latest season pass you will get awesome Royal Champion Winter skin and much more Golds, Elixir and lots of stuff for your village. Since you have time please do check new FAU-G game update

2.New troops, new buildings level, new level heroes

A. New Troop – Ice Hound

Ice hound

As usual new troop has been introduced names as Ice hound and its a better versions of Lava Hound. Compare to the Lava Hound, Ice Hound has the 20% more hit points and occopying 40 housing spoace and has the same movement speed as Regular troop has.

new troops -  Ice Hound

Ice Hound has the special ability what makes him too uniquely powerful. First, it slows down the defences and then in second time when he dies it pop-ups and the surrounding areas get freezes.

C. Royal Champion

Royal champion on can upgrade lvl 25

Royal Champion has 5 new levels added in recent updates. This hero will upgrade in TH13 up-to 25 levels. Damage per second has increased as 535>540>545>550>555.

B. New buildings level and Siege Machine: The log Launcher –

i. Spell Factory –

Spell Factory at level 6

introducing Regular spell factory, which is upgradable to level 6 which requires a Town Hall at Level 11. The upgradable cost of this spell factory is 4800000 elixir.

ii. Siege Machine- Log Launcher

Siege Machine - The Log Launcher

Log Launcher is a brand new Siege Machine. This machine throws a log while moving towards the enemy village and also equally carrying clan castle troops in it. This machine unlocked by upgrading your Siege workshop to level 5. The TH 13 users can upgrade level 5 Siege workshop and can donate to their clanmates. Log Launcher workability is very simple and also it is very effective. It splashed the enemy building or anythings came in its path.

3.Intruducing New spells, super troops

A. New Spell: Invisibility

New spell- Invisibility

This Invisibility Spell is an Elixir type spell. This is unlocked on level 6 Spell Factory. This Invisibility spell creates a yellowish type ring which allows Troops and Heroes invisible certain period of time. This spell helps the invisible defences and will move forward as there were not any enemy.

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